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Why Commitment, not love, is the recipe for a good relationship

I have been in relationship and I have found out that Love doesn’t guarantee the success of a relationship. Love can’t help you to stick to a person, after all, cheating isn’t always a product of not loving your partner.

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In fact, loving someone doesn’t guarantee you not falling in love with any other person. I have been in a relationship, I love a boy so much I fell in love with another boy, so?
Relationship work out mostly because of our head not our heart, it works out because of emotional maturity, emphatic intelligence and self-discipline.

You see, times will come when you’ll see more beautiful/ handsome, intelligent, sexy, rich, curvy and God fearing people than the one you are in a relationship with. In those times, Love will not help you, its self-control that will help you, its emotional intelligence that will help you, its commitment that will help you.

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No matter how you feel for someone, the person you are committed to ranks first in your life. You think married people don’t see better people than the person they are married to? You think they don’t feel funny at times? You think that they don’t catch feelings?

They do, but understanding that commitment is greater than feelings is a great arsenal to destroy that impulse. You can fall in love with anyone but building a relationship takes absolutely more than what attracted you to them. It takes more than Love.

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We are too fond of loving when it’s convenient, when it’s sweet. We are too fond of loving when love is there but that’s usually in the first 3-6 months of the relationship. After then, you realize that the feelings begin to drop, it becomes your responsibility to make it work, not Love responsibility, it’s like building a career, it’s like pursuing a dream, it’s always tough, it will sometimes be bitter but you both can make it work if you both understand each other.

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Everyone can fall in Love, it takes no effort to do that, but staying in love, building a relationship, only few have the might and capability to do that. Relationships are never already made, you must build it and its never always about love. Most times in marriages, it’s not usually love that keeps them together but UNDERSTANDING!!!

In my conclusion, the kind of love that usually attracts people together is not usually the kind of love that makes them stay together.
Emotionally, Be Strong


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