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Toothpick usage is dangerous- Dentist

Dr Alatishe Muhammad, an expert in Dentistry in Ilorin, has warned that using toothpick to remove food remnant from teeth could harm the teeth and gums.
Muhammad told newsmen on Thursday in Ilorin that what was medically recommended was cleaning between the teeth at least once a day, using an interdental cleaner such as floss.

The dentist explained that a toothpick was not considered as an interdental cleaner, and as such it was not recommended for cleaning teeth.
“Using a toothpick is not an ideal way to remove something stuck between your teeth. “Toothpicks can cause abrasion and damage to your teeth at the base where they meet the gums. “This can lead to gum disease and other dental problems,” he said.
Muhammad said that preventive dentistry was the modern ways of helping individuals keep a healthy mouth.
He added that preventive dentistry helped keep the teeth healthy, leaving people with less of dental treatment. “Every age group can benefit from preventive dentistry, including the very elderly, the very young ones and also those without teeth where mouth cancer and denture stomatitis can be prevented.”
The expert further advised people on the need to eat healthily through consumption of fruits, vegetables, adequate nutrition, diet and less sugary substances. “Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, ingestion of fizzy and acidic drinks with straw is better than alcohol.”
According to him, brushing of teeth should be done at other times during the day and also last thing at night. Besides, Muhammad advised people against visiting traditional homes to remove fictitious worms from the mouth. He said that such method made people to fall victims and incur more harm than good.
The dentist also urged people to embark on regular checkups in approved dental clinics every three months and cleaning of teeth every six months.



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