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The Aftermath Of 2023 General Election In Nigeria

NIGERIA has faced a lot since her independence from British rule in 1960, that is 63 years ago; and unfortunately, Nigerians have been recolonized by their own evil leaders since the first republic to present.

The self-colonization is the worst of all as every corner of economy is seriously under attack and; the most dreadful among is unsafeties of lives and properties. In all attempts to proffer solutions to our underlying problems, all efforts have been buried in shame for lack of sincerity. Hence, life is always unbearable in the hands of our so-called democratic leaders. Negative creativities have been cultivated, raised and promoted by our devilish leaders, whereas, few concerned Nigerians who have initiated jurisdictions to sellable initiatives have been maimed, displaced and killed. This has made everything miserable about our democratic era. It has therefore become a pity for Nigerians over this perennial incident.

All these years in the country, is best confirmed as a hell, if truly, such place exits. This has turned Nigerians into new creatures across the globe. And, it seems readily good to say, everything is becoming a new dawn as drawing attention to just concluded general elections, and to the fact that, all things regarding the 2023 post-election have drawn nearer to acknowledge the nation – as a curse. Extemporaneously, education, religion and democracy given unto us in place of our treasures have no reasonable effects on us, yet, some of us hardly realize how these have taken us backward in almost all aspects. However, our political, religious and educational leaders have made it clear, from the 2023 general elections that, lives of ordinary Nigerians no longer matter. Open manipulations seen, must make it clear that, we no longer have hopes on our leaders as their desperation is monumental, hence; all sacrifices of the citizens to make changes to the nation through voting franchise, have been denied and robbed in a daylight. What a pity for a living being!

Very hysterically, despite in the middle of realism to as how these evil leaders have traded unacceptably on common Nigerians, some are still defending and praising these leaders for unjust cause. This is a shameful thing indeed! Hence, it is a very painful thing that can never be forgotten in a haste by concerned citizens. And, the continuous hurting of well-meaning middle-class Nigerians that are making better changes remains an end-time worries and a great threat to humanity.

From recent judicial workings on people’s mandates, it is highly perilous to conscience. It is openly noted to as how judiciary has become a division of the executive; and thereby using veto power to turn Nigeria into unitary system of government as their judgement is like a mere classroom debate. They are doing so in exchange of materialism which are weighed in a capacity to liberate their generations. Unfortunately, they thought silence to their stupid enterprises would remain the same in subsequent years; and thought it would continue the same under their watch. It is a thing to wonder how they feel seeing citizens suffering endlessly. What manner of people are they and how are they thinking about natures?

The open oppression has become too inevitable following levels it is currently attaining in the national governance. The accumulated money for fuel subsidy, few months ago, has been spent on the national executive and legislative members – whereas poor masses who suffer under the processes are left behind. Though, it is said that part of the money has been allocated to citizens to reduce hardship. Bad enough, we haven’t seen effects to that. In short, we only hear figures running in and out of federal government account without seeing touch of effects on citizens.
Honestly, if Nigerians refuse to stand up for their future and that of their offspring’s now, we would have no country upon completion of incumbent administration. It is too dangerous that Nigerians can’t successfully protest since emergence of the government like they always do in past. However, it is very ugly that, as many that always do that have been openly and secretly compromised with current administration. And, to a great surprise, most of our intellectuals are no longer smart enough to analyze failures of the government for one reason to another. That’s why it is hard for the country to move forward until, an unanimously outbreaks of realization to as fact how our country is currently in danger is known by all. It is very helpful Nigerians start to review all sectors of economy in order to see directions in which they have been govern before the country is sold out.

Having seen dangers looming in the country, it is best time effective and effectual collaborations of Nigerians at home and in diaspora, has to come in perfect terms – to enable easy erase of nonsensical enterprises of our devilish leaders so that Nigeria can get good shape to be cited among foremost countries across the globe. Until strong bound and cooperation is achieved within common citizens, resolutions are just matters of speech. Hence, it is a curse for a victim to defend and praise his or her oppressors. If an end is not put to current political rigmarole in our dear Nigeria, there would be no country called Nigeria in future. Nigeria, home of African intellectuals doesn’t deserve this. African states that are doing partially well at the time, have had similar problems gaining ground in Nigeria at the moment, but; their citizens changed such narratives – therefore, Nigeria shouldn’t be a different place for that. Together, it is achievable with time if pushes to achieve that is initiated with sincerity.

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach is a Nigerian Activist, Journalist and Author.


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