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Tactical Digital PR Strategies From Queen To You

NO, we won’t go academic with this one. Digital public relation is exactly what you know about PR just that this time, you are carrying out all your PR tasks online with Google, social media and email as the drivers.

Your PR Strategy Needs These Three Pieces of Content

Like that? Okay.

Use these tactics in your Digital PR outreaches. Don’t forget they are mere bones. Do kindly notify me on anyone you would want the flesh on. Love you all the time.

1. Link building: Reach out to high authority sites to strategically place your content in their site and link back to your own website for the sake of Google ranking and the SERPs.

2. Social media marketing: consistently update on your socials just so you can engage with your followers (publics). This will help you curry their feedback too. Remember it’s communication! It’s a two-way gig!

3. Blogging: Having a company blog helps you market your brand, first hand, to your target audience while giving them one info or two in return for FREE (that’s what Google calls RELEVANCE. Please don’t let them gulp down just your brand. Give them some souvenir too).

4. Email marketing: Let’s you follow through on your leads and possibly helping them to convert. This tactic should be your favourite tool, which your digital PR uses to contribute to the company’s sales team.

5. Website: Remember the good old press kit? That’s exactly what you do with your website when it comes to digital PR. Go to your news section of your site and always update with whatever your company wants the media to pick. Trust the media. They are forever on your site. So meet them there.

Love them? Hit me up with your questions and clarifications. I wasn’t taught to reject commendations too. #winks


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