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Swat Jets Did Not Donate Any Private Jet To Tinubu’s Campaign Group – Chairman

The management of SWAT JETS LIMITED has set the records straight as regarding the viral publication  on donating two private jets to Tinubu Support Organization(TSO)

The above captioned gained access into the social and main media couple of months ago. Consonant with the term used In the wake of social media – It has been trending’. Aware of the time our Country is trudging to, the kind of politics we play and the manner information, misinformation and outright disinformation takes the centre stage, wave and airspace this period. I should have ordinarily continue to ignore it, but as the news has become reoccurring decimal. It is now paramount as much as one can, at each point in time to set the record straight. I therefore set the record straight thus;


1. As a humble, dedicated and hardworking man whose means traverse politics, chains of businesses including but not limited to Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of JAFAC Group of Companies, to wit SWAT JETS LIMITED.

2. I am also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the renowned National and now Globally recognized Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria, an Organization whose sole aim and purpose is the struggle for and midwifery of good govemance in Nigeria and whose millions of membership cuts across the entire length and breadth of Nigeria.

3. SWAT JETS LIMITED, a registered private limited liability company which amongst other things services, leases and undertakes the outright purchasing of jets for governments, organizations, corporations and Individuals with its directors and shareholders distinct from the company itself as every corporate entity has its own life different from her owners and management.

4. SWAT JETS LIMITED board which I sit on as the Managing Director/CEO makes decision for the company, it is also important to state that the company does not discriminate in her core mandate of rendering services to customers or any body within its powers as contained in its Memorandum of Association and other rules of engagements.

5. On my directives the Board of SWAT JETS LIMITED under the company’s Article of Association can give out Jets to anybody or entity including Tinubu Campaign Organization, but AT NO TIME did I give such directive. The above information is for the general public, particulate my business associates, political allies, friends and well -wishers.


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