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Student jailed for joking about minister’s killing on twitter

A 21-year-old student, Cassandra Vera, from the south-eastern region of Murcia was sentenced to one year  prison term for joking about the 1973 assassination of Spanish prime minister, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco on Twitter.

Spain’s top criminal court, the Audiencia Nacional, reportedly found her guilty of glorifying terrorism and humiliating victims. But this began a row in Spain and people have started questioning if free speech is under threat in 21st century Spain.

The 21 year old has also been barred from being employed in any publicly funded job for seven years on account of the tweets she posted, back in 2013 and the years to follow.

Vera who is a student of history at Murcia University argued that she had no intention whatsoever to praise terrorists or insult the victims. She pointed out that 13 of her tweets were used against her and she is scared and surprised at the same time to find herself at the Audiencia Nacional.

She said that Audiencia Nacional is where Spain’s corruption cases end up, and also the terrorist and the drug traffickers, but she could not believe she ended up there and just for a joke in “today’s Spain”, The Guardian quoted her saying.



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