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Should I Accept A Counter Offer?

By, Elijah Musediku, (ACIPM, HPRL, PHPI)

WITH the talent war that engulfed the Labour Market recently, counter offer has become a prevailing word among employees and employers.

In this parlance, counter offer means a offer made by your organisation in response to a previous offer by a third party (another prospective employer). Often times, we are in a fixed when faced with such a situation like counter offer. Here are the pros and cons of accepting a counter offer, which can guide our decision henceforth.

The beauty of Counter Offer:

Earning a higher salary: One of the most obvious benefits of accepting a counter offer is that you can earn a higher salary. You don’t have to go through the process to earn more money. You may even be performing the same duties for more money, which seems to be a logical decision to make, especially in this SAPA period. 😁

Eradicates the Unknown: The Unknown referred to here is a new environment of the third party company. You have been fully integrated to your company’s culture and have a few affinity groups there.You don’t have to go through the effort of moving and settling in at a new company. You don’t have to socialise with your new work colleagues to make new friends. Apparently, majority accept counter offer based on this reason.

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The beast of Counter Offer:

Doubts Loyalty: Your loyalty would definitely be doubted. For some companies, A machiavellian motivation for a counteroffer is to give a them time to find a suitable replacement for the disloyal employee. The counter offer could just be a ploy to buy time for your replacement. It is evident you are no longer satisfied or committed to the organisation, hence you might threaten to resign again.

Rift in Relationship: The relationship won’t be as smooth as before. Infact, you might likely be monitored.

You wanted to leave for a reason: It is worthy to note that you wanted to leave your organisation for a reason which was not because of money. Some people are quickly swayed by the money, forgetting the exact reason you wanted to leave. For example, if your reason for looking out for an opportunity was because of company’s culture, more money can not change the culture. More money will not miraculously make you happier in your job. Don’t be swayed by the counter offer and consider your reason of exit.

More work: Some employers might likely want to add more responsibilities or roles.

In summary, there’s no one who knows your current work situation better than you, so of course ultimately this decision is yours. But before jumping in to accept a counter offer, you need to make a list of your pros and cons. Think through them thoroughly.

I am definitely rooting for any decision you make.


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