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See the $75 Million world’s most expensive cake

The world’s most expensive cake is a gem-encrusted birthday and engagement dessert that is six foot long, includes 4,000 real diamonds and was created by a top fashion designer, 33 year old mother of 3, Debbie Wingham.
Wingham turned to baking after creating the world’s most expensive dress for £11.5million from black and red diamonds. ‎
The Cake
She spent 1,100 hours on her latest masterpiece which she made for a rich Arab family living in the United Arab Emirates. The cake cost  $75 million! The cake includes amethysts and emeralds. It also has a runway with models strutting on the runway. Figures on the cake have designer handbags, dark glasses and footwear as well as the latest electronic devices. The cake weighed 450kg….that’s a massive cake
‎Debbie Wingham in her most expensive cloak


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