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Open Letter To Nigerian Christians: The Case For Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

MY name is Reverend Bunmi Olusona.
I am a practicing Christian like you, the only difference is that I am a professional politician.

I am one of you and I share your thoughts, fears and sentiments. I openly identify with your concerns about certain developments in Nigeria.
However, we should not allow our emotions to be cloud us there by becoming judgemental and rash.
Nigeria is God’s project right from the time of Regional autonomous arrangement left for us by our founding fathers.
Today, it does appear that we are at the cross roads because we are faced with existential crises. We now have to make the difficult choice of who should be our next President.
The social media is agog will religious sentiments flying around. Some are ingeniously trying to demonize others on account of faith. It is absolutely wrong to do so.
Our God is in Heaven and He does whatsoever He pleases. Our God is not a democrat. He is above democracy because it is a system of government devised by men. This position is also Koranical. The Holy Bible and the Holy Koran have examples of how God chooses leaders!
Nigeria has chosen democracy as her form of government, hence, let us stop using religious sentiments to decide who rules or should not rule us.
Political Parties are founded to fight for and win elections. Political permutations and calculations sometimes may lead a political party to pick candidates that doesn’t seem to show religious balancing. The solution to this problem lies in the hands of our religious leaders, push more Christians into politics!
Politics is far too important to ignore. The fact remain that, if a country gets her politics wrong, every other things will go wrong!
The APC Presidential Candidate did not pick his Vice Presidential Candidate, who is a Moslem, just because he hates Christians or he does not have respect for Christian faith, No. His wife is a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG and one of the Christian Senators of the National Assembly.
While Asiwaju was Governor of Lagos State, he returned all Christian Churches back to them and he continued to pay the teachers and remits subventions to those schools.
He anointed former Governor Ambode, who is a Christian to succeed former Governor Fashola. The sitting Governor of Lagos State Sanwo Olu is a Christian.
Asiwaju Tinubu’s running mate also supported Christians and shielded them from Boko Haram attacks while he was Borno State Governor. He visited Christian IDP camps and on different occasions donated 10 million naira to cushion their pains. Shettima did not stop there, he rebuilt all the Churches burnt by Boko Haram insurgents! That is not someone who hates Christians.
Shettima’s choice was purely a political one which is also based on competence.
Our Christian brothers should be lobbying for the Senate President and or the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives!
A Christian Senate President wields more power than the Vice President.
I have not been bribed nor sponsored to write this letter but my love for my Faith compels me to do so.
Please Christians from the North West, North East, North Central, South West, South East and South South, let us speak with one voice and vote for the ticket of the APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and Shettima.
Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, though a fellow Christian, unfortunately has no pathway to electoral victory. There is no short cut to hardwork. He was also part of the PDP.
The PDP as a political party has collapsed and unable to revive itself. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is in the Presidential race for the fun of it. He disrespected the Southern Part of Nigeria by stealing the PDP Presidential ticket, Atiku is the anointed one to bury the PDP for her many sins against Nigeria.
We are left with only one credible and competent Candidate. Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He has the experience, the Charisma and the strength of Character to execute that office of the President of Nigeria. Please let Nigerian Christians vote him in.

Rev. Bunmi Olusona
APC Stalwart, Kwara State.


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