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Nigeria Under Tinubu Government

ACUTELY, Nigerians can only commend efforts that are not traded subconsciously. In the regards, presentation of budget with few reasonable heaves is not enough to justify strategic scores as all literate can put something down. What matters is keying into making it manifested. Most of Nigeria elites have grown above verbal enterprises of the politicians. Note; what they have planned to do personally on the budgets; and dividends that may emanate from the budget’s proceedings remain dark to the citizens and so it would be until there would be no government of incumbent. Mind that, as long as the president remain illegitimately on the seat, the treasures of the beloved Nigeria is in great danger. And, only when bribery and corruption are ruled out, we can’t think of savings for the nation. Therefore, before the budgets can work in favour of the poor masses, Tinubu should clear off and stay away from shits, stop one-lopsided appointments, refuse to appoint on compensation for electoral betrayals, advising his administrative members to do away of revenge, putting all his ministers on watch for performance, making sure judiciary and legislature stay independently, ensure INEC regain freedom, forfeiture of questionable characters that affirm his lordship over Lagos State and host alike.

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One of the downturns of the incumbent government – is making elevating utterances, yet, Nigerians see no physical alignments to their verbal diarrhea. Everything seems colourful from afar, and, in getting closer, you see colourless things. For that, everything is in a colossal denigration. Going further, they have successfully managed manners in polishing everything accurately and denotatively. The bigger truth is, there are no promissory signs until genuine approaches with all touches of sincerity are serviced in the course – no meaningful contents can be derived for sole purposes of the poor masses. Hence, comparing our democracy and the nation at large under the government to developed and developing countries would remain one of the greatest jokes of the era. However, one of the most dangerous pandemics of Tinubu administration is by driving the nation neither to democratic circle nor dictatorial circle. Therefore, where are we going as nothing is functioning properly and familiarly.

Nigerians must understand that, nothing works successfully in a nation without adequate security management. All these crusades for betterment of Nigeria can only see light of the day with orderliness of security management. Regrettably enough, no reasonable approach has been adopted and implemented to curb insecurities under the administration as the politicians have built themselves safeties – purchasing of bulletproof cars and having recruited thugs at homes and in offices. And, unfortunately, all that have been in the trend are erroneous measures towards making better economy in a middle of thieves and subconscious leaders as they are. In fact, if security is not prioritized, what are the hopes for the harmless and ordinary citizens? And, what do we expect from a government that is out to bribe management of private and public organizations just to keep devilish enterprises prevailing? Therefore, Nigerians should wake up from asleep and ignorance to fight the government to have a desirable Nigeria.

From all indications, the incumbent government is relatively campaigning for review of constitution. And if such is done by any of the pocketed elites by the administration, it is therefore, a ripped thing to say, there is no country henceforth. Then, the planned unitary system of government is successful and Tinubu and his disciples would rule for a long period of time even if it means for the country to divide while him and his disciples make it up; politically. Nigerians can see that from their workings on the three arms of government. The worst, non-governmental organizations (peer groups) and some political parties have placed themselves on sale to the incumbent government just as some veteran journalists and rights activists have stylishly done. In all these, Tinubu must be apprehended that, some negativities are forfeited for some cognitive parameters, and that; not everything are liable to be played with. Hence, open irregularities are hardly sidelined and buried within a short space of fight and time. Because, not all are fools to overlook games that have been played by you and your agents. In the wake of this, it is better to start working better than past administrations you have brutally criticized and have organized nationwide protests against, than to openly and stylishly begin to use available money to purchase political parties, politicians and some of the so-called agents in your pocket. So, beginning to dispense accurate workings for the nation, is the only thing to stand as a pillar to stop grooming and looming forces against your forceful claims of the seat.

The citizens have failed one another; to have been compromised with this ailing government which has lost integrity and has entertained shame of all sizes. It is very uncommon to as how some of the veteran’s activists and journalists have been bought to spread unworthy information and to support ungrateful things. The government furnishes us with figures that have been recovered from fuel subsidy and recovered loots, but we can’t see anything happening that could justify the claims, yet, borrowing to keep the country running is at high level. What we can see so far are menial and unnecessary things which the cabinet members keep bragging about on media platforms as they have refused to know that as shameful thing. Emphatically, we have heard enough. We all seek to know this physically. Six months or so, is big enough to see reasonable achievements by a government that makes citizens a prime priority. Nigerians shouldn’t be kept in dark. Issues that befall on the nation is palpable and there shouldn’t be a room to embrace endurance till eternity to see the needful.

As for the citizens, we must first blame one another for the relentless services to do needful in as much as we cast rigorous blames on political and religious leaders. We cannot expect good from these leaders if we don’t have pure spirit and blood – the controller of human affairs. Because, no government can do good or bad without the involvement of citizens. What can we expect when all hands have been soaked in pool of corruption? So, how can they help when we receive bribe to keep mute to righting the wrongs, and we help them promote corruption in order to have ourselves secured and flourished under their bad enterprises? In short, it is high time we do away on dividing attention on what the government can do or not, but to enhance analyses and opinions that could help do needful to recover our integrity and fairness – to severely deal with trashes of incumbent government that have trained skills to divide our attention on doing right things, and that are ready to render all our efforts to strengthen our democratic governance abortive.


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