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Nigerdock sacks 1400 workers demanding for better working conditions

In a bizarre show of force and disregard for the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Nigerdock Nigeria plc,under the Jagal group,has sacked 1400 workers of the company,who were demanding better working conditions.
The workers were sacked through text messages which they all received from Nigerdock’s recruitment agency,Prime Services‎ and were told to check their names at the entrance of the company.
The sack of the workers,mostly the Fabricators‎,came as a result of the incident that happened on Wednesday when the workers booed the Chairman of the company, Anwar Jarmakani,who wanted to address them yesterday after they were mandated to come to work by the company.
The workers booed Jarmakani because their representatives that were at the meeting ‎in Abuja on Monday,October 19th were prevented from entering the premises of the company by the security who were ordered to lock them outside the company.
‎According to one of the workers,they wanted to hear from their representatives and not Jarmakani who only visits the company  once in a while and does not care about the welfare of the workers.
The chairman with other officers of the company were booed till they were taken away by their security‎ aides,only for the workers to receive an sms on their phones that their services were no longer required‎.
‎It should be recalled that the workers,over 3000 of them,had been on strike since September 29 after the company’s management reneged on the‎ agreement it signed with the workers who earlier protested on September 4 to 7th until management negotiated with them.
‎The 1400 workers sacked are the fabricators that the management deemed are the ring leaders of the protest as workers in other departments received sms that they should all come to work as usual and that nothing is happening.
The workers are presently at the maritime union office on what to do as they hurriedly joined the union after the management had been involved in casualisation‎  for a long time and prevented them from having a union.
The maritime union officials are accusing the management of Nigerdock of being economical with the truth whenever they go to the company to intimate the workers about the need for a union as the management always lied to them that the workers are less than 100.
‎The meeting in abuja on monday had managed to make both parties agreed on 7 demands out of the 15 demands of the workers.


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