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My Wife Refused To Block The Guy She Cheated With (I Need Advice)

GOOD day friends and happy holiday. I am writing this base on the challenge am having in my marriage. Some of you might have known little about the issue i had previously cos i brought it to the forum.

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It happened that my wife was having emotional affairs with another man which i knew through her chat.

Though family and pastor were involved and have tried everything to resolve the issue between us. I have decided to forgive and forget and also give her a second chance even though it was a difficult situation for me, I decided to let go cos of my two daughters and don’t want them to share from a broken home.

Now the issue am still having is that my wife has promise to change and be a better person and also promise to cut any emotional tile with the man. But I wasn’t confident with that, so i told her to block this guy on all social media and also delete his number so there wont be any communication between them cos i sense if they both keep in touch, they might go back to what they were doing before. She got angry when i told her this and she said she can’t block the guy cos they have been friends for many years even before she got married to me.

She started dating the guy last year under my roof and her reason was that i pushed her to do such act cos i wasn’t giving her enough attention and love which is totally a lie.

So house, pls just let me know if i did wrong by telling her to block the guy or i over did it. I just felt blocking him will be best for us cos i noticed my wife is not fully detached from this guy emotionally.

Pls if you are in my shoes, what will you do house. If you want to get more insight about what transpired, you can go to my details nairaland.

Pls mod, help me by doing the needful.


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