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My Quiet Peaceful Home And Reptiles!!

I live in quite a quiet neighbourhood, my house sits on a 2plot of land built beside a small stream. One side of the expanse land house our building while we planted grass on the other for recreation and other social purpose.

Now, despite mowing the lawn from time to time, we find it surprising how lizards have decided to make it an avenue for their rendezvous, you see hundreds of lizards running when someone aprroach the lawn. The funny thing is, you hardly see them when we are around, but the moment we return back home and the gate is opened, you see these reptiles flying around aiming for the exit.

So today, i retire home early, due to our FASTING which we just started at Redeemed church to pray for Nigeria, i wanted to save energy to pray and probably catch some program on Dove Tv, as i opened the small gate, i saw something un-usual move by the extreme side of the lawn. Ordinarily, i would have ignored while i drive in. Surprisingly, i found myself picking up a spade just by the security post, and started running after it, lo and behold it was an average MONITOR LIZARD. After dribbling me for sometime, i finally sent it to the land of the unknown.

I sent the photos to my wife, and told her i planned giving it to the security guy since i cannot eat it, she called in immediately telling me how someone told her how rich in protein it is and very expensive in the market due to the value. She concluded by saying she ‘d like to taste it for the first time.

Since i couldnt touch it, i called in some guy to come do justice to it. Enjoy the images below!!


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