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Meffy – Blame It On The Rain

One other ineffective thing about the CBN under the mascot called Mefy is its inability to come out with clear explanation and excuses for this firestorm they have found themselves.

I hate calling him Meffy cos that to me is like glamourising personified incompetence.

This person has turned the exalted position of the CBN Governor to a dumb caricature.

Today the CBN is an object of ridicule and vile. A cesspit of all that shdnt be Nigeria. A weekend institution and a shame to its founding fathers.

Does this ur Meffy even ask himself how Clement Isong or Ola Vincent highly respected past CBN Governors would have handled this situation

Now after throwing us all into golgotha he is looking for who to blame and pushing the authorities to be arresting clueless actresses and Branch Managers who have done nothing wrong but try to balance out customer request in what Meffy and his goons are calling hoarding.

Meffy as you pple call him has been so incompetent even in seeking these excuses. The last time it was Aboki.com that was crashing the Naira.

It’s always everybody but him. His senseless attempt at the Presidency with the billions he spent on the mundane and ill-advised project did not affect the Naira o

Pictures of the graveyard of his campaign vehicles all adorn the internet.

Today the politically motivated policy is turning Nigerians to mad people. People are walking around naked in banking halls. People are screaming, dying of hunger and all because a bald headed man from Agbor cannot stay true to his convictions.

The moment he attempted to run, he was toast. He had compromised himself and thrown himself up for blackmail and a willing tool in the hands of anybody that has the remote control.

Forcing down a cashless push in an environment without concomitant infrastructure is the most darnest thing to do.

So cos of one sick man who shouted EMILOKAN we must all suffer. All these wuru wuru to the answer is our bane.

Why not mobilize and meet him on the field. What is all these ojuju way of fighting only one man oo.

One man against federal might and this is all we can come up with? An arcane Naira redesign policy? With Naira that looks like something dem use blue wash.

Blaming the banks is cowardly. You knw those ones cannot fight back cos u are their regulator- so you take cameramen and invade a branch and uncover N20m new notes and you shout eureka

You must really think we are goats. Real mumu goats. So u recover N20m in 200 banks will that cover the N3trillion hole that is being tauted to be facing us as Nigerians.

Pls lets have the old and new Notes exchange together and then grafually ease the other one out.

Leave Emilokan. If God say na him nothing a tillion redesign Naira can do.

This is simply the worst CBN Governor since independence and a strong candidate for the worse CBN Governor ever.

There is it. I have said it. Come and beat me it can not worse pass this one wey we dey see so.

Thank you

*Duke of Shomolu*


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