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Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island Mansion for sale? (Pictures)

_11133 Linda Ikeji, the ‘controversial’  Nigerian blogger recently bought a house in High brow Banana Island, in Ikoyi, Lagos state that sets her apartby over N500 Million.
Reports have surfaced that the property in Banana Island that popular blogger, Linda Ikeji has been ‘flaunting’ as hers, is still being listed as ‘available for sale’ on property website “Nigeriapropertycenter.com”


It might be a mistake, seeing as information on the listing says it was last updated on February 1, 2016 and marked as “available” instead of being noted as being off the property market already. It is also being insinuated that Linda might have reasons to sell the house.
See pictures below to confirm:

Linda’s own

See pictures of the matching bathrooms


Pictures of the matching staircase:



Photos of the matching swimming pool area:


According to Naijagistlive: “It is not sure whether it is a mistake and possibly not updated after the sale or if there is another pressing reason to sell her home. The pictures in the listing are definitely older because I spotted the neighbour house in the window is missing”.
Linda Ikeji who has been boasting and posting 2000 pictures of every square inch of her home and listing all her billionaire neighbours surnames was recently accused of not owning her home. In fact it was rumoured and reported that it was a pay out to launder money into property for a certain politician since he had to declare his assets and bank accounts under Buhari’s wrath and could not put this property under his name. Guess if she hadn’t posted all those pictures revealing her home details, it would not be public knowledge that her home is listed for sale”.
Could this be an error from whoever listed the property or they forgot to update it as ‘off the market’?


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