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It was in self defence, Sen. Elisha Abbo cries out

The Senator representing Adamawa North senatorial district, Elisha Abbo, has reacted to the viral video showing where he assaulted a woman in an adult shop in Abuja.

Speaking to Channels Television, Abbo said the owner of the shop only released a part of the video taking away the part showing where his younger sister was assaulted in the said shop.

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The Senator also said that his team will release a ‘robust’ statement on all that transpired in the viral video to the public. Abbo said:

“We will soon release an official statement to the very old video that happened before I became a Senator; where my younger sister was beaten to a pulp in the shop and I was called upon there, I had to call an ambulance and the Police to get to the scene and it got out of hand.”

“It is an old video but we will soon release a statement to that effect,” Abbo said. The senator further explained that it was his sister who was assaulted in the shop but the shop owners compressed the video, cut out the part where his sister was assaulted and only released part of the clip. “They took her out to resuscitate her, the one standing with a cap there is a doctor; the doctor had to come to give her life,” the Adamawa PDP Senator added.

Abbo said his media team would be releasing a statement on Wednesday, July 3, afternoon to address the controversy.

“All in the video happened long before I became a senator but that doesn’t mean that it is something that I am happy about, they cut out so many things,” he said.

Stating the possible reason why the video was released to the public at this time Abbo said: “This is a political season, and I am now a politician and politicians are not people who are liked, they exhume things from even 20-years.”

“As I said before, we will give a robust reply and we will also ask for the entire video to be released since they have the video.”


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