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I’m Not Attracted To Prostitutes; Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me? I’m Not Attracted To Prostitutes

Guys, Living in Enugu and as a young man who is in active service, I do have my bit of adventures sometimes but I noticed I’m not attracted to professional sex workers.

So many times I had been in the midst of professional sex workers and today being bored I decided to visit one of the nearby hotel and chill out around the swimming pool.

I’m sited with my bottle of Heineken thinking about all the crazy stuff in the world and this particular lady got dancing the normal erotic dance towards my table.

She, wearing just a swimsuit that reveals all the contours; with her body dripping of water as she just came out of the pool, at the very closest range the usual evidence of the subjection of the female gender in liquid, the tip of her mammary gland otherwise known as niple had betrayed the partial enclosure of the massive heritage that lies in there, it was almost a center of attraction until I observed that her buttocks otherwise known as nyash by majority of nairalanders is way darker than the rest of her body.

Then I had to speak to the bottle of beer on my table then a sip and my senses was rebooted now, my observation. If it were a usual lady I would sure had fallen for her, also usual lady won’t display her nyash unless she’s cought up already in which moment I won’t have the time to judge.

I’m not being so critical though, does it look like I’m not attracted to professionals or just the fact that they don’t give me that curiosity that is common with regular women. Or is it the hot weather, apparently it is quite hot in Enugu now.


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