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How Twitter, Palmchat messaging app boost use of hashtags

Hash tags are not memes, as a lot of people tend to see them that way especially because it has risen to much prominence due to social media usage.

While the word is synonymous with social media, some people think that hashtag is part of English punctuation marks. Hash tags are neither punctuation marks nor memes, so what really are they?


The hashtag is actually a communication tool, let’s no go into history ‘cause this cool ‘#’ that everyone’s jumping up and down for was invented and used by allied forces during WW II-yep, hash tag is a wartime invention!
But let’s talk about today’s hashtags-social media ones. It is still a simple tool for shaping and organizing conversations or discourses online.
Twitter and the Palmchat messaging app have perfected the use of this tool in three key areas: A Twitter or Palmchat user almost instantly knows the meat of the discussion by looking at the hashtag eg: #BringbackourGirls, #AprilFools, #shockingthingswesee.
A good hashtag is not deceptive or ambiguous; it is clear and easy to understand. Organizing threads Hashtag are particularly useful in organizing because in this age of ‘plenty talk’, everyone seems to either be supporting or refuting some opinion or discourse.
So, to find the right camp you belong in the discourse, the hashtag acts as a lighthouse, guiding you into the right sea of words. Hashtags also have this incredible superpower which turns a regular guy or lady into a global sensation in just one careless or lucky social media post. Call it the viral syndrome, it is happening and new stars are being born each day through the power of a viral hashtag!


Creating hashtags is particularly good in Palmchat.
The Palmchat social messaging app like Twitter gives users the power to create their own hashtags but unlike the Twitter, these hashtags can also be used to post voice messages on the platform too. The Palmchat app’s unique ecosystem which brings together the micro blogging feature of Twitter and the OTTC (over the top content) features of BBM, Whatsapp and Tinder has garnered over 100 million active user base in just a few years.
More Nigerians are also embracing the app because of its news handle which updates users to the latest news in sports, politics and economics with breaking news notification as it happens.


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