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Happy World Sexual Purity Day

Yay. Every November 14 is #World Sexual Purity Day….

Wow! Glory to GOD!!!

Hello everyone!� It’s 14th November today which is World Sexual Purity Day!
I believe in Sexual purity because Jesus instructed us to.
I mean, why have sexual practices in a hiding place or hotel or somewhere you think no one will see you when you can do it in the open( your matrimonial home) with the spouse of your youth, when you go through the normal process by first of all going to the alter with him or her to take the vow of loving him or her till death do you part.

Sexual Purity is not just about no sex but it’s also about anything that can lead you to committing sexual sins e.g Cuddling, Touching in sensitive parts, Kissing, etc.

These days we have alot of single mother’s who made wrong decisions in the beginning and end up having to cope with taking care of those children on their own because the so called father of the child denied having anything to do with the woman. That aside, alot of young ladies out there end up destroying their future with unwanted pregnancies thereby leading to Abortion from there, they may die if its not even done well or destroy their womb which is even worse because by the time you finally meet the right person you put that person in a bad state. To have children becomes an issue because you have eaten the “food” that wasn’t meant for you. You will now start saying your village people are chasing you… My Dear its not your village people! It’s you who is the Enemy of your soul.

Dear ladies, if that young man loves you that much, he will wait for you to be ready. Don’t let any yeye boyfriend deceive you with marriage after sex. If he loves you, he will do The right thing. That others are doing it and getting away with if doesn’t mean you will too.
You can be the scapegoat. Never go To a guy’s house alone and be forming “nothing will happen. I trust him.” I pity you. When he is done with you, you won’t get yourself again

To the guys, don’t let these ladies seduce you. If anyone dresses in an offensive way and tries to come towards you, run for your dearest life because they are evil! Any lady that says come to mg house, my parents have travelled, don’t go. It’s a trap.

Also, you hear youths of these days saying how will I know that he or she is good in bed?? Or how will I know what I want to enjoy if I don’t test it??
My question for you is: When you buy Brand new tear rubber do you test it? Why do you need to test what you have paid for in full??

Sexual Purity is not just for the singles but also the married. That’s where Extra-Marital Affairs comes in. Cheating on your spouse.
Let’s save ourselves from things that can be avoided.

Stay pure both in body, spirit and mind.
May God help us all in Jesus name, Amen.
God bless you all


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