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Drunk plane passenger drops his trousers and urinates in aisle in midair flight

A drunken plane passenger on a flight from India to Birmingham shocked passengers when he pulled down his trousers and urinated in the aisle.
Jinu Abraham had to be restrained until the plane had landed after being aggressive to cabin crew.
The hospital porter, 39, of Hollow Croft, Northfield, admitted being drunk on an aircraft and was fined £300 at Birmingham Magistrates Court.‎
He was also ordered to pay £500 compensation, a victim surcharge of £30 and £185 costs.


John Cardiff, prosecuting, said Abraham had boarded the Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner on January 19 this year with his 10-year-old son.
During the flight he had become aggressive after drinking alcohol, refusing a request to return to his seat, the Birmingham Mail reports.
There also came a point when cabin staff refused to serve him any more booze because of his state and he was warned about his behaviour.
“About 40 minutes prior to landing he removed his trousers and stood in the aisle. “He pulled down his boxer shorts exposing his buttocks and then began urinating on the floor and seat of the aircraft.
“He was restrained by crew with plastic handcuffs and seat belts for the rest of the flight and was arrested on landing.”
Mr Cardiff said the estimated cause of the damage was £500.
When later quizzed Abraham said he had drunk two whiskies, that he was on anti depressants and could not remember anything about his actions.
Alan Newport, defending, said both the defendant and his wife, who had been married for 11 years, worked for the NHS. His wife is a theatre nurse.
He said he had been on medication after one of his children died at birth and that his wife had already returned from India on a separate flight with their 15- month-old child.
“Unfortunately because of a mix up at the airport in India his medication had been placed in the hold. “He was without medication and nervous about flying and was concerned about his wife’s welfare.
“He effectively tried to self medicate and it went dramatically wrong, not just for him, but the passengers on that flight.
“Fortunately no one was injured and the flight was able to land without an emergency request.
“ He was shocked and surprised about what was said about his behaviour.
“He accepts it must have been incredibly upsetting for passengers and crew and possibly frightening for those people on board in that confined environment.”




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