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Davido,Baby Mama at war  as  Adeleke’s and the Momodu’s families flex muscles

There is no beginning without an end,so it is a truism that anything sweet gotten before time does not last long.
This aptly epitomized the disgraceful parental scuffle between 23 year-old  David Adeleke,known as Davido and 29 year-old Sophia Momodu,his now estranged Baby Mama,as both are presently in a paternity mess with agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria being called in to intervene in the matter.

The two different heads of the families have also joined the fray as the quiet business mogul,head of the Adeleke family and father of Davido,Mr Adedeji Adeleke and the Ovation publisher and foremost journalist in Nigeria,Dele Momodu,who is the Uncle of Sophia,are now on war paths with protection of family blood,the major concern.
What is the cause of this present debacle?
It is as a result of Davido’s decision to take his daughter named Imade Adeleke,in company of his half-sister Ashley Coco Adeleke and father,Adeleke to America without the consent of the baby’s mother,Sophia Momodu.
‎In Sophia’s letter to the Director General, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons,she accuses Davido and his family members of “attempted child trafficking and abduction of her daughter by Davido,Miss Aurora Imade Adeleke.
In a swift reaction,Davido went on his Instagram account to accuse Sophia and Dele Momodu of trying to turn him into an ATM machine,describing Sophia as bewitching him by taking advantage of his naivety when he was 21 to get her pregnant.

He said he is taking Imade to an hospital in Dubai and later on a vacation with other members of his family,without Sophia,as Sophia is not worthy to be his wife and is a perennial  night crawler who had infected the baby with massive dosage of poisonous cannabis  that the baby contracted during breast feeding.
In a letter Sophia Momodu’s lawyers wrote to the anti-trafficking agency,she said the Adeleke’s deceived her to visit them with the baby after which they collected the baby from her and threw her out of their Lekki Mansion.
In her petition,she said the baby had been collected from her since 11th of July and efforts to resolve the impasse quietly was rebuffed by the affluent Adeleke’s who threatened to deal with her if she ever comes back for the baby.

“These people boasted to our client and all her family and friends that our client is a nonentity and of little substance in Nigeria. They also claim that they have the financial wherewithal and political and security clout to deal with her and her family anyhow and without any consequence with the aid of their brother and uncle, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, and other friends Mr Deji Adeleke purportedly has in government”,the petition reads.‎
‎Sophia’s lawyer,Gbolaga Ajayi Esq,from O Ajayi and Co chambers,in the petition said, Coco Adeleke and her father,Adedeji Adeleke were in the process of taking the baby out of Nigeria when they were foiled by the combined efforts of the Momodu’s at the airport in Lagos,which led to Coco and Imade’s passports being seized at the airport.
(See the full petition here. https://newsextra24.com/?p=1464 )
Responding to the disgraceful drama,Davido said he has been paying Sophia N300,000 monthly for the baby’s upkeep aside renting a flat for her in Lekki and paying her N500,000 in December,all because she took advantage of him when he was young to have had the baby for him and after he had confirmed through DNA test that the baby is hi‎s.
He said Sophia “appropriated me when I was 21,now I am 23,i have just unbridled my life from her shameless and diabolical stranglehold. She should find her own life and leave me alone.Her Uncle should also help her to quit the streets and find her a career”.




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