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Court dissolves 11-year marriage over disregard for parents-in-law

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Monday dissolved an 11-year-old marriage between Stephen Adejobi and his wife Seun over quarrelsomeness, anarchy and disregard for parents-in-law.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, held that it was impossible for the court to force any couple to continue in a relationship that was not beneficial to both.
“In the interest of tranquility and orderliness, the union between Adejobi and Seun has ceased to be henceforth,’’ he said.
He awarded Seun custody of the three children, and ordered Adejobi to pay N10,000 monthly for the upkeep of the children in addition to catering for their education and welfare.
Adejobi had told the court that his wife had over the time brought hardship on him through her quarrelsomeness, acts of anarchy and disregard for his parents. “My lord, I have never had a settled home since I got married to Seun in the year 2000.


“It had all along been one day, one trouble as I had never enjoyed any moment of peace of mind. “Seun keeps igniting every attitude or act that could bring anarchy into the home by engineering misunderstanding between me and members of my extended family. “As if those are not enough, my parents mean nothing to her as she takes them for a pinch of salt. In fact, Seun has taken it as a duty to be raining curses on me.
“Love is completely absent in this relationship, please, I need dissolution of this marriage,” he pleaded. Seun did not deny any of the allegations, and agreed that the marriage should be dissolved. “My lord, Adejobi has all along lived with me as a ghost because I cannot exactly say this is where he works. “He had always maintained a strange relationship with me. Let him go,” she said.


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