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Corpers robbed and raped in Rivers state

Robbers believed to be indigenes of Andoni local government in Rivers state have been reported to have robbed and raped some female Corps members in their lodge.

The incident which happened on Wednesday from 1:30am in Asarama part of the local government created panic and shock amongst the corps members who have moved out of the locality to the state capital at the behest of the Zonal Inspector of the area.

According to a witness, the robbers attacked the lodge where the corps members are residing and after taking all their valuables,took turns in forcefully sleeping with the female corps members, amongst is a virgin.
The victims were taken to a nearby hospital in the morning for treatment and checkup after which they were told to go home by the authorities of the place they were serving.
No security personnel was around during the duration of the robbery.
Some of the corps members who wanted to talk to our correspondent couldn’t do so as they have been ordered not to talk to the press by the NYSC authorities.
A corp member was overheard on phone telling his family the dangers of staying in the community lamenting the ills of the NYSC scheme saying: “Serving corps members in the ‘rural-rural’ areas in Rivers see hell, they just post people’s children to a place without assuring their security! The community people do not like us because we have committed the sin of coming to HELP them develop their community…”
No statement yet from the police as both the head of the corps members in the local government (LI) and the Corpers liaison officer (CLO) have reported the matter to them.




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