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Chinese official sentenced to death over corruption


Chinese President Xi Jinping

Shijiazhuang (China) – Former deputy head of the coal department of China’s National Energy Administration, was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve on Monday for accepting bribes and holding a huge amount of assets from unidentified sources.

Wei Pengyuan, was found to have taken advantage of his posts between 2000 and 2014 to seek benefits for others, accepting bribes worth more than 211.7 million Yuan (about 31.4 million dollars).

According to the statement, Wei was also found to have possessed a large amount of assets from unidentified sources, which exceeded his legal income.

It said that after the two-year reprieve, Wei’s death penalty would be commuted to life imprisonment, and no further commutation or parole will be permitted.

The statement added that all his ill-gotten assets would be confiscated.

Wei was put under investigation in May 2014 on allegations of accepting bribes.

Investigators later found he was hoarding more than 200 million Yuan in cash at his home.



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