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“An Open Letter” To Public Officeholders: Don’t treat Nigerians As Dispensable Servants, By Ehichioya Ezomon

THIS article – lightly labelled “An Open Letter” – takes its bearing from a Facebook post on Saturday, June 29, 2024, by the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the Lagos State Government, Mr Gbenga Omotosho, who can be described as a “veteran (authority, consumate, long-serving, professional, well-versed) Journalist.” …

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The Mute Candidate, By John Mayaki

In Anikulapo, the popular Netflix film directed by celebrated filmmaker Kunle Afolayan, viewers were treated to the spectacle of a mute king. He wouldn’t speak in public, instead whispering inaudibly to a chosen mouthpiece, who would then voice his thoughts to the gathering, whether of chiefs or villagers. Several explanations …

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SAMOA Agreement Will Kill Nigeria, By Sonnie Ekwowusi

Nigeria must unsign or withdraw from SAMOA Agreement. Contrary to Minister Bagudu’s propaganda, SAMOA Agreement IS NOT IN THE INTEREST OF NIGERIA. Why? Articles of the Agreement especially 2.5, 29.5, 36.2, 88, 97, violate Nigeria’s laws, Nigeria’s sovereignty and African Charter on People’s and Human Rights which Nigeria has domesticated, …

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Silhouette of Reality, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

It was Norman Cousins that said : The Tragedy of life is not that we die , but what dies inside us why we live* Life is a complex milliue.Beyond the razzmatazz and laughs , lie the reality of debauchery. Never you take anything for granted .Still water runs deep …

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