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Can Oshiomhole’s Humanitarian Service Pave The Way In Edo North?

Adams Oshiomhole’s Humanitarian Service Paving The Way In Edo North

The electoral campaigns are in their final stages before the February elections, which will usher in a new generation of leaders across the federation.

Every political candidate works hard to ensure that they have a deliberate impact on the voters who will tip the election in their favour. In order to raise voter awareness, door-to-door campaigns, street mobilisation, jingles, campaign posters, billboards, and other initiatives are used.

It would be engaging and fascinating this time around because the electorates are more aware of the performance indicators of each of the contestants. The elections, aside from the success and defeat, would be a yardstick to assess the popularity of the candidates among the populace.

As a result, while some candidates are plagued by the fact that their past performance is haunting them, others are enjoying a pleasant ride because their prior performance index has been fantastic.

Former Edo State Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, who is seeking the senatorial seat of Edo North, is one such politician who has had a smooth ride in his electoral campaigns. He has proven to be a Golden Fish with no hiding place.

People have flocked to him wherever he goes to thank him for his services to not only them as constituents, but also to Edo State and humanity as a whole. They attest to his outstanding performance in office and his generosity outside of office, which they regard as motivating and deserving of all praise.

They present him with food items from their farms as a token of their gratitude,claiming that he has done so much for the Afemai people and Edo indigenes in general that he deserves to represent them in the Senate. 

Oshobaba, as he is affectionately known, has proven to be the Big Masquerade who requires no introduction during the village carnival.

Other aspirants’ billboards and posters can be seen all over Edo North, while Oshiomhole’s own is scarcely visible, yet people continue to shout Oshobaba…Abuja direct at every opportunity.

Oshiomhole’s case is special in that, due to his impeccable credentials, Edo North voters view him as the beacon of hope for a better and more prosperous district, unlike the many other candidates who are fighting to be seen or heard by the electorates.

The APC Deputy DG of the Presidential Campaign Council has promised to deliver not only himself but also his constituency for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as president in the upcoming presidential elections.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.


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