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Bus almost falls from Oshodi bridge (photos)

Like a sordid tale that should never be remembered, passengers of a commercial bus plying the Oshodi over head bridge had their breath in their mouth as they narrowly escaped death this evening due to carelessness from their driver.
The bus
The bus they were in almost fell from the overhead bridge as it hanged on the bridge,with one side on the bridge and the other outside as the driver allegedly trying to pick up passengers lost control of the steering.
The picture,as sent from an eye witness of the macabre drama explains it all.
A passenger said they had to go out of the bus from the back seat as it was the grace of God that saved them,as the bus almost fell from the bridge,with those under oblivious of the almost impending calamity.
No casualty was recorded as no one sustain any major injury. 
No reason was adduced as the cause of the near accident on the bridge.


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