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‘Buhari must appoint Igbos as Ministers,else we revolt’

The Ogun state chapter of the pan-Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohaneze Ndigbo, has said President Muhammadu Buhari must appoint the Igbos as members of his cabinet or else the igbos will revolt.
The new President of the Ohaneze Ndigbo in Ogun state, Ichie Iwuoha – Uzodimma, said though the South East geo – political zone and the  South South hold the short end of the stick regarding appointments made by Buhari in the last 100 days,opportunity still exist for him to rectify the imbalance.
Uzodimma who spoke with reporters in Abeokuta, the state capital, shortly after his inauguration on Sunday said President Buhari has neither constituted his cabinet nor formed boards of agencies and parastatals yet, hence the needs for the Igbos to remain calm.
According to the Language lecturer, Federal College of Education(FCE), Osiele, Abeokuta, the forthcoming ministerial appointments being expected to happen this September, could be used by the government to even any imbalace perceived by any group or a section of the country.
The Ohaneze president noted that Buhari as the president of the Nigerian Federation should strive to be fair and just with regards to the sharing of political appointments to all sections of the country, hinting that the SouthEast would not abhor ministerial offices for their sons and daughters.
He said the Igbos have sacrificed a lot to ensure that the territorial integrity of the country was not compromised, and as such deserved better appointments.
He added that the Ndigbo remained committed to one Nigeria hence their ubiquituousness in every part of the country,  warning that the Ohaneze would resist any threat to the sovereignty of Nigeria.
Uzodimma said: “well, it’s apparent. From the appointment so far made, I don’t think any Igbo man has benefited from anyone, not even the South generally.
” As the president of the Federal Republic, which he knows that he has to fulfil constitutional requirements, so let’s wait for the ministers to be appointed.
“If he gives us, South East and South South ministers of state, then we’ll tell him that this Nigeria belongs to everybody.
“The South South and South East did not vote for change because they knew that the change would not benefit them.
“South West voted for change but the type of change being preached in the North is not what the South West wanted and now the change has come.
“Eighty per cent of the appointment is tilted towards the North. The South for now remains at a disadvantaged position.
“So, to me if the man decides not to appoint the South, the South South or South East to any reasonable position, I would say probably because they did not vote for him.
“You know Ndigbo has done everything to make Nigeria united. We have sacrificed a lot to make Nigeria united. We wanted to move but they said no we must stay and we have been doing everything to make Nigeria one.
” If the sovereignty of Nigeria is threatened, we’ll do everything to say no. Every town and village in Nigeria, you must see an Ibo man there.
“That is how to preach unity. Which other ethnic nationality has done that? None! So, if we are not recognised in this government, we’ll tell whoever is the president that we can’t accept this. That’s the way we’ll take it for now.”


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