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10 Quick Solutions To The NGX Crises

A full democratized physical AGM to be conveneed with credible shareholders allowed to be part of the proceess

An institution of a robust forensic Audit exercise of all books of the company

A proposal to reduce executive management and Board compensation by a first 50% wuyh plans to shave off 90%.

A shareholders committee to look at the structure of the NGX in a bid to refocus the firm to face current realities of the markets

A penetrative startegy to wrestle captive business from FMDQ

A proposal to suspend the Group Board of NGX to allow for a productive audit and restrategising exercise

A massive cost cutting excercise end to end that qill see the firm a litle bit more nimble and competitive

A massive and robust review of listing requirements to ensure inbound listing and stemming the rash of delisting

Rebuilding relationships with allied stakeholder communities and stop the bullying relationship.

Cscs, Ashon, CIS and other such bodies must be brought out of the cold in a new kind of symbiotic relationship.

Past and current NGX staff are flooding my timelines with sordid information. Its smelly in that place from the little i have seen o

Would i need a body guard like this?

Duke of Shomolu


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