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‎Top reasons why Guys Discuss With Friends After sleeping with women

Men are known to be boisterous; they would always find something to talk about so far it improves their status within their friends. Some men are known to be loose when it comes to relating S3@.x:’ual escapades and telling everyone about the women they have slept with.
Really, men cannot help discussing issues that relate to their S3@.x:’ual lives. Every woman they sleep with is a prize to them and they make it a point of duty to show off when they are with their friends. Basically, it is more of a psychological issue to them; they do this to boost their morale and feel good about themselves.
Without wasting much time, let us delve into the issue and discover the real reasons why men cannot keep their mouths shut after sleeping with women. Find some of these reasons below:


1. The wildness

Some S3@.x:’ual experiences certainly drive some men crazy; the ladies give them a wild time in bed they cannot help but relate the goodness of the S3@.x:’ to their friends.
This kind of experience make most men go hard when they remember how good the S3@.x:’ was. Men cannot keep their mouths shut when it comes to issues like these and they are bound to spread the tale between their friends.’‎

2. When ladies play hard to get

Some men end up telling people they just got laid when the ladies involved are women they have been chasing for months. They tell their friends about their S3@.x:’ual experience in order to show them they are good with women.
Most times, they would have placed a bet with their friends. You really cannot blame them much because they must have invested so much in those ladies.

3. Immaturity on the part of men

Some men are babies; they simply cannot help broadcasting to the whole world about their S3@.x:’ual escapades with women. They basically want people around to know they are S3@.x:’ually active and have a way with women.
Men like these would go on to tell every tom, dick and harry about the women they have slept with. Men who kiss and tell fall in this category.


4. Competition

Some men take pride in sleeping with women and telling people about it. This could be some sort of competition between the guys where they recount the number of women that have fallen for them. To these guys, the rep they gain increases with the number of women they are able to sleep with. They enjoy being called casanovas.

5. Boredom

Some men end up talking about the women they have slept with as a result of boredom. They probably do not have anything tangible to talk about; no football match to be discussed or car brands that catch their fancy. Instead, they would rather talk about the last girl they just psyched.

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6. Peer pressure

Some men talk about getting laid and the women they have sampled as a result of peer pressure. Most of them do not want to be seen as weak when other guys are discussing. As a result of this, they are being forced to talk about S3@.x:’ual experiences in order to save face and not to be seen as a weakling.

7. Pride

Most men in the society do not know how to keep their accomplishments to themselves. It is a must for some men to talk about the ladies they have slept with; they would say the number of rounds they were able go with these ladies. This makes them feel better and make younger guys go to them for help when it comes to women issue




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